Horfield & Redland Chess Club

Results - C team

Division 2

25 Apr 2017

Horfield CGrendal
1bRichards, John0 - 1Gilbert, Alistair A
2wFisher, Jon1 - 0Johnson, Richard
3bPerrin, Brent½ - ½Hardy, Roger
4wPollett, Nigel½ - ½Flexman, Patrick
5bChatterjee, Prakash½ - ½Moore, Ken
6wStrickland, Graham1 - 0Default
3½ - 2½

Grendal had already notified us that they were going to be a player short a few days before the match so we started a game up.

Prakash's queen side opened up quickly before any of his King side pieces had developed, which initially caused him a few problems. He managed to even up after various exchanges and was left with just rooks against rooks and a draw was agreed. Nigel's game was all about a fight over a central black pawn that black managed to secure and in a very even position a draw was agreed.

John's game looked level but then somehow he drifted imperceptibly into a hopeless position. Jon's game was also evenly balanced before the queens came off and a queen side pawn managed to open up a path for jon's rooks to double up and break through. His opponent dropped a pawn to one of the rooks and quickly resigned.

It was then left to Brent to win the match and half a point was all that was required. He had a pair of rooks against a rook and bishop but with less than 5 minutes on the clock each it was always going to be a tricky ending. Brent dropped a pawn and then decided to offer the draw rather than risk the rook sacrifice that could have won or lost him the game. The draw was accepted and the match was ours. 3.5-2.5.

A good way to end the season and secure 4th place in the division. (NP)

Division 2

12 Apr 2017

Bath BHorfield C
1bGregory, Andrew M1 - 0Atkinson, Harvey
2wWalley, A Clive0 - 1Perrin, Brent
3bHusband, Anthony P0 - 1Fisher, Jon
4wAllen, David1 - 0Chatterjee, Prakash
5bBrown, Christian0 - 1Pollett, Nigel
6wDimond, Peter D1 - 0Strickland, Graham
3 - 3

Jon played a textbook match ending up in a strong King side attack that proved unstoppable. Prakash let a dip in concentration get the better of him and picked up a bishop to move when he should have moved another piece. This was unfortunately a costly mistake that cost him the game.

Nigel again managed to mess up his opening giving his opponent the momentum. However, in an end game where Nigel was a rook to bishop down, with a little help from the clock, managed to turn the game around and claimed the win. Brent's King was pinned down for much of the game and unable to castle, but he hung on and after various exchanges ended up with a few additional pawns in the end game. With only opposite coloured bishops left this was enough to win.

Graham was under attack for most of the game but spotted a queen sacrifice late on that looked like it could have been the 'get out of jail' card, but unfortunately, it was too little too late and he was soon mated. Harvey fought hard against a very solid opponent who dd not give him any space. Very few pieces seemed to leave the board and Harvey ended up losing a very tight battle which left the match drawn 3-3. (NP)

Division 2

30 Mar 2017

North BristolHorfield C
1bHarron, Roy0 - 1Atkinson, Harvey
2wIwi, Graham R½ - ½Perrin, Brent
3bHerbert, Dave0 - 1Fisher, Jon
4wFielding, Michael0 - 1Chatterjee, Prakash
5bLowery, Robert0 - 1Pollett, Nigel
6wWoolgar, Steven G½ - ½Strickland, Graham
1 - 5

Prakash got the team off to a quick start when his opponent lost a piece in the opening exchanges and then fell to a strong King side attack. Nigel messed up his opening but fought back to even up the position, and then took advantage after exchanging off queens and rooks to claim the win.

Graham was down to his last few minutes but the position was totally blocked with no way to progress so a draw was the only result. Jon's position looked totally lost with the threat of mate hanging over him. However, somehow he managed to fight his way out and, even though he was only left with pawns against bishop and pawns, he was able to find a way through to turn one into a queen and claim the game.

Similarly, Brent was under attack for most of the match but fought his way back and even though his opponent was still in a slightly stronger position, a draw was agreed. Harvey gave the evening's most impressive display. He had a rook and bishop against two knights and a bishop but had pinned his opponent's king to the 8th rank and then marched forward his pawns, whilst under the constant threat of being forked and having to prevent his opponent's passed pawn from advancing. One of his pawns finally reached the 7th rank. His opponent attempted to stop it with his king and he was mated by Harvey's rook.

A satisfying 5-1 victory in a match that looked like it was going against Horfield at one stage early in the evening. (NP)

Division 2

21 Mar 2017

Downend CHorfield C
1bWhite, Martin J½ - ½Jones, Chris
2wConterno, Dominique0 - 1Atkinson, Harvey
3bTaylor, Robert1 - 0Chatterjee, Prakash
4wTipper, David I0 - 1Perrin, Brent
5bMunn, Andrew1 - 0Pollett, Nigel
6wLivermore, Richard1 - 0Dunn, Alex
3½ - 2½

Horfield got off to a flying start against the league leaders when Harvey converted a equal position into a win after his opponent made a error that cost him a piece. Christoper reached a position in his game where there was no obvious route forward and with just a bishop, knight and pawn taken on both sides, a draw was agreed. Nigel, who was still suffering from jet lag, got off to a good start but as the evening wore on the tiredness caught up with him and he quickly got caught up in a king side attack that proved unstoppable. So with just three games remaining the match was level. Prakash was a pawn down in a rook and knight end game but had twice as much time left on his clock as his opponent. However, a lack of concentration and he missed a knight forking his king and rook and immediately resigned. Brents game was evenly balanced but Dave's clock was his downfall and his time finally ran out as Brent started to clean up Dave's pawns. Alex who had stepped in at the last moment put up an excellent fight but under attack and with his time running low, finally fell to his opponents persistence. A hard fought battle that could have gone either way was eventually won 3.5-2.5 by Downend C. (NP)

Division 2

7 Mar 2017

Horfield CSouth Bristol B
1bJones, Chris0 - 1Harvey, GA
2wPerrin, Brent1 - 0Neagle, David C
3bChatterjee, Prakash½ - ½Pacion, Dorota
4wMillbank, Howard K0 - 1Sherman, Andrew M
5bAbecasis, Lee A0 - 1Blaxill, Jason
6wGladstone, Michael0 - 1Hassan, Mohammed
1½ - 4½

No fewer than three match-ups were repeats of pairings from our match at South Bristol in the first half of the season. These were the games on the top three boards, all of which had different outcomes from first time round. Prakash, having won a fluctuating struggle away from home, settled for a draw this time. Brent had a fine win over an opponent who previously beat him. But on the other side of the coin I followed my earlier draw against Tony Harvey with a much longer game (the last to finish) in which I was at first better, then made one complacent move that allowed a horrendous attack, and just managed to limp into an ending two pawns down that proved unsalvageable. The game had its interesting moments (including some early ones when my first win since September 20th seemed possible) and I blame this for the sketchiness of my impressions of the other games!

Howard too was doing well early on, but his opponent kept giving him problems and eventually prevailed. Boards 5 and 6 were the first to finish, with Lee coming under pressure from an early stage and Mike (a very welcome late addition to the team) holding level chances for most of the game until going astray.

In the end, a comfortable win for South Bristol, who were also (like ourselves) not at full strength, and they look much more likely promotion candidates than ourselves. (CJ)

Division 2

14 Feb 2017

Horfield CKeynsham A
1bJones, Chris0 - 1Perez-Candelario, M
2wFisher, Jon1 - 0Macarthur, Duncan M
3bPollett, Nigel½ - ½Radford, Bob
4wPerrin, Brent1 - 0Hendy, Jerry S
5bChatterjee, Prakash½ - ½Jarrett, David C
6wAbecasis, Lee A½ - ½Champion, Adrian W
3½ - 2½

Jon's opponent got stuck in traffic but Keynsham had brought a reserve and Duncan stepped in, but with 25 minutes already gone was under pressure from the start. Jon was ruthless and opened up Duncan's King side, trapped the cowering King behind the queen in the corner and then delivered the final blow with a queen check that was as good as a mate.

Prakash fought out a draw where his opponent had a slight positional advantage but Prakash still had good counter play. Lee also battled his way to a draw to leave just Christopher, Nigel and Brent to finish off.

Nigel had been under pressure from Bob's aggressive attack from the beginning, defending against an open H file which looked lost on numerous occasions. However, there was always a move to avoid the loss and, with time running out, Nigel managed to counter attack on the Queen's side. Bob, with a pawn down and a position that had evened up, accepted the draw.

Chris's game had looked promising. He had swapped a knight for a pawn advantage and his opponent was down to the last few minutes on the clock. However, after mopping up Chris's remaining pawns he managed to queen his own, which Chris then had to give up his rook for. There was enough time left to complete a rook and king mate.

Brent had a material advantage but an exposed King. However, with his opponent's time running out he got in behind with a rook and finished off the game with a nice king and queen fork, giving us the match 3.5-2.5. (NP)

Division 2

2 Feb 2017

ThornburyHorfield C
1bDawson, David M½ - ½Jones, Chris
2wDugdale, David0 - 1Atkinson, Harvey
3bRoberts, Lynda½ - ½Pollett, Nigel
4wBorkowski, J Andrew1 - 0Fisher, Jon
5bNichols, James W½ - ½Chatterjee, Prakash
6wWilson, John F0 - 1Abecasis, Lee A
2½ - 3½

Christopher got the team off to a good start with a drawn game after exchanging off to leave a pair of Bishops against a pair of knights in a position that was unclear how to progress. Prakash had the a slight positional advantage but then made a series of poor moves which lost the momentum and the game was drawn.

Lee was a piece down early on but fought back to even up and then went a knight up. His knight mopped up his opponent's remaining pawns and the game was his. Jon gave up a pawn in the middle game and then with just pawns, rooks and queens left managed to manoeuvre his King into a poor position that ultimately cost him the game.

 Harvey had gradually been gaining the advantage over his opponent but his own King was open and vulnerable. He took his time and then unleashed an attack that proved decisive. We then had the 3 points so a draw was all that was needed from the final game. After 40 moves only a few pieces in Nigel's game had been removed from the board. Linda had a slight positional advantage but with only a few minutes to go was forced to accept a draw rather than loosing on time. This gave Horfield the final half point and the match. (NP)

Division 2

24 Jan 2017

Horfield CUniversity B
1bJones, Chris0 - 1Cleary, Mark
2wAtkinson, Harvey1 - 0Strangler, Morris
3bPollett, Nigel½ - ½Pergantis, Ilias
4wFisher, Jon½ - ½Salim, Demmas
5bPerrin, Brent1 - 0Pasari, Mehul
6wChatterjee, Prakash1 - 0Wang, Daoyi
4 - 2

It was a crowded club with both the 'A' and 'C' teams playing plus a number of friendly games taking place. Jon got the team off the mark with a quick 18 move draw after he sacrificed a Bishop believing that he had opened his opponents King up enough to force a win. However, it wasn't quite enough and he had to settle for a perpetual check.

Prakash and Brent both turned even middle game positions into end game wins. Nigel turned a difficult middle game into a two Knight and Bishop v a Bishop pair and pawn slight advantage. However, the position was unclear and with time running out decided to accept a draw to ensure that we had at worst drawn the match.

Harvey on board 2 was by that stage a rook up and gradually clearing up the board. His opponent soon resigned so with the match won it was just down to Christopher to complete his game. He was a pawn down with just opposite colour bishops left on the board. The extra pawn proved too much and Christopher's defense finally gave way.

After 5 matches without a win, Horfield C are finally back on track. (NP)

Division 2

9 Jan 2017

Clevedon AHorfield C
1bEgginton, David C½ - ½Levene, Mike
2wTownsend, Michael½ - ½Jones, Chris
3bPainter-Kooiman, David½ - ½Pollett, Nigel
4wPeters, David1 - 0Fisher, Jon
5bStrong, Chris M0 - 1Perrin, Brent
6wChapman, A1 - 0Chatterjee, Prakash
3½ - 2½

2017 started off with a clash between Clevedon A in 2nd place against Horfield C in 3rd. Chris got the ball rolling with a draw on board 2. Brent had a strong King side attack and finally broke through to win his match. Prakash's game was even going into an end game with a lot of pawns still on the board. Unfortunately, his opponent was able to capture one of the pawns and this slight advantage was enough to win the game.

Nigel's game was congested and with neither player able to make headway a draw was agreed. Jon has played a Scandinavian defense but did not block the bishop sacrifice that exposed his King which was then chased around the board as his development advantage disappeared along with the game.

It was left to Mike to rescue a point, but low on time he failed to push home his advantage and with only a few minutes left agreed a draw giving Clevendon A a narrow 3.5-2.5 victory. (NP)

Division 2

8 Dec 2016

South Bristol BHorfield C
1bRoberts, Shane½ - ½Levene, Mike
2wHarvey, GA½ - ½Jones, Chris
3bSenior, Neville N½ - ½Richards, John
4wNeagle, David C1 - 0Perrin, Brent
5bPacion, Dorota0 - 1Chatterjee, Prakash
6wCullen, Gareth½ - ½Millbank, Howard K
3 - 3

Another tense and hard-fought match, with fluctuating fortunes. Around the middle of the evening, Boards 1, 2 and 6 were agreed drawn – Board 1 when a move repetition was likely in one of those King's Indian positions in which White has won the black d6P but Black has gained compensation against the uncastled wK; Board 2 in which a typically unbalanced Dutch Defence middlegame developed into a more balanced-looking ending in which however I had to worry about ensuring the defence of a weak pawn; Board 6 in which Howard's strong play on both sides of the board seemed to have been an effective antidote to Gareth's London System.

At this stage the match looked to be going in favour of our opponents. Although John had enduring pressure in a complicated game on Board 3, both Brent and Prakash were materially down. Brent had given up a minor piece for two pawns in order to create promising play but lost the exchange. Even so Dave still had his worries, but then found a way to break through on the K-side to finish off with a mating attack. On the other hand, Prakash, an exchange down, continued to use his two Bishops actively to probe Dorota's position. It was difficult to assess but one felt that objectively there wasn't enough compensation. But when Dorota ran short of time Prakash's pressure generated a winning attack. So – all square, and everything hinged on John's game. John's pressure had netted him a Pawn: a passed P at d6. Was it strong, or would Neville be able to round it up? In the end, John gave it up in exchange for Neville's bP to reach a K+R+P ending in which each player had 3 Pawns on the K-side and John had his extra P at a5. Short of time, Neville defended this accurately and actively, and with little time left on either clock and with the position on the board now dead level a draw was agreed. A very fair outcome to the game and to the match, in which there had (despite the 4 draws) been a lot of fighting chess. (CJ)

Division 2

24 Nov 2016

University BHorfield C
1bRimanic, Luka1 - 0Atkinson, Harvey
2wLampard, Alice0 - 1Levene, Mike
3bFradkin, Denis1 - 0Perrin, Brent
4wSharma, Ravi K½ - ½Pollett, Nigel
5bBryant, Luke0 - 1Chatterjee, Prakash
6wKo, Edward½ - ½Fisher, Jon
3 - 3

Another tricky game for the 'C' team against a University 'B' team performing well above their current position in the league.

Jon got into difficulty early on leaving his opponent with a passed pawn on the sixth rank. However, he counter attacked and created enough of a problem for his opponent to force a draw. Prakash was applying a lot of pressure on his opponents king with an unchallenged knight and rook trying to force a mate. The King managed to escape but by then the damage was done to the pawn defense and Prakash raced one of his own pawns on to glory and took the game.

Brent, who had been under constant pressure from the start was the next to fall, but this was evened out by a strong attack by Mike on his opponents King side that was badly defended and quickly crumbled to give Mike the game.

Nigel had been under a lot of pressure in the middle game following his opponent's knight exchange for three queen side pawns. Going into the end game, this was still the difference but with an unclear position and against three connected past pawns, Nigel accepted the draw.

Harvey was down on time and his King was exposed and under constant attack. He offered a draw that was declined and then his opponent whose king was safely tucked away maneuvered his queen around the board sweeping up Harvey's remaining pawns. The final nail in the coffin to which Harvey resigned and the match was drawn 3-3.

Division 2

15 Nov 2016

Horfield CThornbury
1bAtkinson, Harvey0 - 1Dugdale, David
2wLevene, Mike½ - ½Roberts, Lynda
3bPerrin, Brent½ - ½Vaughan, David O
4wPollett, Nigel½ - ½Borkowski, J Andrew
5bFisher, Jon1 - 0Nichols, James W
6wChatterjee, Prakash½ - ½Smith, Chris P
3 - 3

Jon got the team off to a great start with a quick victory on board 5. This was followed by solid draws by Mike and Nigel on boards 2 and 4. Brent was down in his game but fought back to parity and agreed a draw.

So going into the last 20 minutes there were just 2 games left. Harvey was slowly being suffocated by his opponent. His pieces were mainly trapped on the 8th rank defending advancing pawns. A final push on the queen side broke through the ranks and the game was over.

It was down to Prakash to salvage the match. He was down a rook and bishop against a pair of rooks. Luckily, his opponent who had been well up on time managed to miss forking Prakash's bishop and wasted a lot of time on the end game before missing a clear winning line and then in time trouble lost a rook for a bishop. With his opponent clock now his worst enemy, Prakash sportingly offered a draw and the match ended 3-3. (NP)

Division 2

25 Oct 2016

Horfield CClevedon A
1bJones, Chris½ - ½Egginton, David C
2wPollett, Nigel½ - ½Townsend, Michael
3bAbecasis, Lee A 0 - 1Wood, Jonathan
4wChatterjee, Prakash 0 - 1Painter-Kooiman, David
5bClarke, Alan½ - ½Peters, David
6wSiuchno, Robert 1 - 0Isaac, O
2½ - 3½

For the first time this season Horfield C were struggling for players and had to call in 3 reserves from the D team to fill in the gaps.

Christopher on top board got the team off to a solid start. His game had reached the point where it was not clear how to progress so he offered the draw which was quickly accepted. Lee had stepped in at the very last minute, went a few pawns down and then was quickly crushed by his opponent's advancing pawns. Alan's position petered out and a draw was agreed.

If matches only lasted 2 hours Prakash would have won all of his matches but unfortunately they don't and he lost. This left it down to Nigel and Robert to try and salvage a point by wining their games. Robert, playing for the first time in the C team, did well in a very tight match and with both players down on time he came through at the end thanks to the clock. Nigel's match also went down to the last few minutes. He had been under constant attack all game and was just about hanging on with a Rook against Rook and a couple of joined up pawns. It looked like a clear loss but somehow Nigel found a forced stalemate and claimed a draw. Unfortunately, this was not enough and Horfield C went down to their first loss of the season 2.5-3.5. (NP)

Corrected by Webmaster 27/10/16: the first version had the wrong games scores and match result.

Division 2

18 Oct 2016

GrendelHorfield C
1bJohnson, Richard0 - 1Levene, Mike
2wFurnevall, Mark½ - ½Jones, Chris
3bRobinson, Will0 - 1Atkinson, Harvey
4wFlexman, Patrick1 - 0Perrin, Brent
5bPaton, John G1 - 0Chatterjee, Prakash
6wMoore, Ken0 - 1Pollett, Nigel
2½ - 3½

A first match at Grendel's new venue (The Salt Cafe). A nice venue but a real challenge to find a place to park.

Christoper got the team off to a solid start with a draw but then things started to slip. Brent's opponent made a rook move that looked like he had blundered a knight. Brent took the knight and then found that he had fallen for a clever trap and his game was soon over. Prakash spent time working out his attack, a mate in 3 was on but he made the wrong move that let his opponent back in and it ultimately cost Prakash the game. We were now 2.5-0.5 down.

Mike was a pawn up but was down on time. His opponent was under pressure but to Mike's surprise suddenly resigned. Nigel was also under attack. His opponent swapped 2 strong knights for a rook and pawn and in doing so weakened Nigel's defences. However, with all of his remaining forces Nigel chased his opponent's Queen around the board until it finally ran out of squares, and after having to give it up for a bishop the game was all but over. 2.5-2.5.

It was down to Harvey to finish off. He had a passed pawn on the sixth rank and was trying to force it home but was very low on time. He offered a draw which was declined. He then missed the winning combination and lost the pawn, giving his opponent the advantage with his own joined passed pawns. His opponent was trying to keep the pressure on Harvey by moving quickly, and in doing so made a mistake that cost him his knight. He was now flustered and made further errors. Harvey was down to just 28 seconds on the clock when his opponent threw in the towel. Somehow, the C team had escaped and claimed another win 3.5-2.5. (NP)

Division 2

27 Sep 2016

Horfield CBath B
1bLevene, Mike½ - ½Gregory, Andrew M
2wJones, Chris1 - 0Default
3bPerrin, Brent½ - ½Allen, David
4wAtkinson, Harvey1 - 0Dimond, Peter D
5bFisher, Jon½ - ½Farina, Mauro
6wAbecasis, Lee A1 - 0Default
4½ - 1½

Two defaulted boards left Bath with an uphill struggle. It didn't get any better for them when Harvey sent his knights into attack and quickly finished off his opponent. Mike's game was solid but reached a position where there was no obvious progression. Knowing that a half point was enough to win the match he offered a draw that was accepted.

Brent could not break through his opponent's defense with his joined up rooks and also agreed a draw. Jon had the most interesting game. He played a variation of the Grob Defense where he sacrificed his queen on move seven for a rook, bishop and pawn. This led to a very open game with lots of twists and turns. It could have gone either way but in the end, with time running out, a draw was finally agreed.

Another win for Horfield C, 4.5-1.5 and the third match without a game lost. (NP)

Division 2

20 Sep 2016

Horfield CNorth Bristol A
1bLevene, Mike1 - 0Iwi, Graham R
2wJones, Chris1 - 0Herbert, Dave
3bAtkinson, Harvey½ - ½Fielding, Michael
4wPerrin, Brent1 - 0Woolgar, Steven G
5bPollett, Nigel1 - 0Lowery, Robert
6wMillbank, Howard K1 - 0Harvey, Kelvin
5½ - ½

Another good win for Horfield 'C' last night.

Harvey defended well and offered a draw in a game where there were very few clear moves to progress his position. Mike played the Sicilian but ended up worse off after various exchanges. Luckily his opponent made a mistake that gifted his queen and the game. At the same time both Christopher and Nigel finished off their opponents with solid games.

With the match already in the bag it was down to Howard and Brent to finish the job. Howard's position did not look great but he did have a couple of separated pawns on the 6th rank. With time running low he found a double sacrifice of his remaining bishop and knight that freed up the route for one of the pawns to queen. The game was soon won and in was then down to Brent. Unfortunately, Brent was down on the clock and only had a couple of minutes left against his opponents ten minutes plus. However, Brent had a passed pawn on the opposite side of the board to his opponents king. After exchanging rooks, it was his bishop against a knight. Brent moved fast and the disadvantage on the clock soon vanished. The pawn could not be stopped and the game was his.

The final result was 5.5 - 0.5 (NP)

Division 2

15 Sep 2016

Keynsham AHorfield C
1bHendy, Jerry S½ - ½Levene, Mike
2wRadford, Bob0 - 1Jones, Chris
3bChampion, Adrian W0 - 1Atkinson, Harvey
4wKilmister, John W0 - 1Attar, Rob
5bRadford, Ben0 - 1Perrin, Brent
6wMacarthur, Duncan M½ - ½Millbank, Howard K
1 - 5

On Board 1, a fierce fight was in prospect with both players storming their pawns forward against opposite­side­castled Kings, but after all the Rooks came off on an open file a tense equality prevailed and the agreed draw was the first result of the evening. On Board 2, Bob Radford threw everything into an attack on Chris's K­side. In a tense middle- game position requiring resourcefulness on both sides, Bob had 2 Knights against Chris's 2 Rooks but they seemed as powerful as the Rooks. When Bob recovered most of the material deficit though the resulting ending was favourable for Chris – 1.5 to 0.5 for Horfield.

Next to finish were Boards 3 and 5, where the two white Horfield b­pawns made synchronized matches up to the board, forcing further and ruinous material loss to prevent their promotion. The match was won.

On Board 6, a complex game still had a long way to run over the board, but had hardly any time left to run on the clock. A pawn down but with good play, Howard happily accepted Duncan's draw offer. Rob had been looking fairly comfortable in a pawn­down Q­ending until his opponent, attempting to inject some life into proceedings, created a passed pawn – for Rob! Thereafter it was only a question of whether Rob could win, and with seconds to spare Rob evaded the checks for long enough to push his pawn through.

This third promotion march of the evening concluded a successful first visit to Keynsham's very good new venue at Queens Road Methodist Church. (CJ)

Division 2

6 Sep 2016

Horfield CDownend C
1bLevene, Mike½ - ½Taylor, Robert
2wAtkinson, Harvey½ - ½White, Martin J
3bAttar, Rob0 - 1Conterno, Dominique
4wPerrin, Brent1 - 0Munn, Andrew
5bPollett, Nigel½ - ½Tipper, David I
6wChatterjee, Prakash½ - ½Livermore, Richard
3 - 3

The first match of the season against a strengthened Downend 'C' team.

We were all a bit rusty after the summer break so not surprisingly there wasn't a great deal of adventurous play. The first 3 games finished in draws leaving just Rob, Brent and Prakash fighting for a result.

Prakash had the advantage of several pawns going into an end game with just the rooks on the board. Rather than slowly pushing home his past pawn he went in for the kill, exchanging off pawns which opened up his King resulting in a draw.

Brent was under a lot of pressure but his opponent was behind on time. Andrew was fighting hard and forked Brent's Queen and Rock with a Bishop. Brent used his time, sacrificed his queen and found the winning move.

Rob had been trying to stop an advancing pawn for over an hour and when another pawn marched down to the seventh rank his defense finally ended and he resigned leaving the final result a 3-3 draw. (NP)