Horfield & Redland Chess Club

Results - D team

Division 3

18 Apr 2017

Horfield DSouth Bristol C
1bMillbank, Howard K0 - 1Sherman, Andrew M
2wClarke, Alan0 - 1Cullen, G
3bHolmes, Tom0 - 1Hassan, Mohammed
4wSiuchno, Robert½ - ½Blaxill, Jason
5bStrickland, Graham0 - 1Taylor, Rod
6wMarks, Peter1 - 0Mobbs, Gerald H
1½ - 4½

Division 3

11 Apr 2017

Horfield D Keynsham B
1bClarke, Alan0 - 1Manton, T
2wMillbank, Howard K½ - ½Jarrett, David C
3bSiuchno, Robert0 - 1Wilmshurst, Lawrence
4wStrickland, Graham1 - 0Rowlands, Jim
5bAbecasis, Lee A½ - ½Taplin, William
6wJennings, Michael1 - 0Hayden, Christopher L
3 - 3

Solid result. Well done to Graham and Mike for the wins. (AD)

Division 3

4 Apr 2017

Horfield DYate A
1bClarke, Alan0 - 1Penn, Andrew
2wHolmes, Tom0 - 1Gardner, Jeremy
3bSiuchno, Robert½ - ½Hewitt, Andrew
4wAbecasis, Lee A0 - 1McAfee, Peter
5bMarks, Peter0 - 1Langmaid, Kevin D
6wJennings, Michael½ - ½Mumford, Ben
1 - 5

Division 3

14 Mar 2017

Downend EHorfield D
1bPassmore, MJ0 - 1Clarke, Alan
2wPalmer, Richard J½ - ½Millbank, Howard K
3bStubbs, Oli1 - 0Dunn, Alex
4wTye, Jack0 - 1Strickland, Graham
5bLowry, William½ - ½Jennings, Michael
6wCarter, Thomas0 - 1Marks, Peter
2 - 4

Alan was soon winning due to an error in the opening from Mike which lost him a rook. Peter beat Tom and Graham beat Jack, when Jack blundered a rook. So three nil to Horfield. Howard was now generously offered a draw which he accepted to win the match. Mike drew too and Alex, a pawn down for most of his game, and an attack that was always one move short of success, lost.

But another great result. (AD)

Division 3

28 Feb 2017

Hanham AHorfield D
1bBeaver, Glen0 - 1Clarke, Alan
2wJones, David R0 - 1Millbank, Howard K
3bDavies, Barry R0 - 1Dunn, Alex
4wLawson, Phillip1 - 0Strickland, Graham
5bHelbig, Doreen J½ - ½Abecasis, Lee A
6wMarshall, Kevin1 - 0Marks, Peter
2½ - 3½

Horfield travelled to the Community Centre Hanham and Alex did not get lost, but would Horfield’s recent fine run continue? Judging by the start it would not. Peter lost, he felt he was trying to remember openings rather than playing what was in front of him, but he has only recently resumed playing chess. Lee was a pawn down but Doreen was concerned that she would not have time to win so repeated her offer of a draw which Lee accepted. 1 ½ to ½ to Hanham.

Graham was well behind on time in a cramped position and lost to Phil. So all we needed to do was win the top three boards and all would be well! Alan was a piece to a pawn up. Howard was ahead and I was level on material but Barry was struggling to get his pieces doing anything accept defend. Howard won. I won, but the spectators pointed out that I’d missed mate in one, Barry resigned with mate due next move. Down to Alan. Glen had a pawn on the seventh for the bishop but Alan was able to trade off queens and block the pawn and after some quick moves as both players were short of time Glen resigned.

So a good result that hauls the D’s out of the bottom two. Downend E next! (AD)

Division 3

21 Feb 2017

Horfield DClevedon B
1bClarke, Alan0 - 1Spiller, Paul
2wMillbank, Howard K1 - 0Strong, Chris M
3bHolmes, Thomas½ - ½Crewe, Brian
4wStrickland, Graham½ - ½Isaac, Oliver
5bJennings, Michael½ - ½Dring, Geoffrey D
6wRosseinsky, Jim1 - 0Bowden, Paul
3½ - 2½

Horfield used a changed side for the return match with Clevedon B dropping four players. Jim, playing his first league match for Horfield matched Sanyo by winning on his debut. Unfortunately Alan lost, one all.

Graham and Mike both drew, which left boards two and three to decide the match which now stood at 2 each. Brian and Tom’s game came down to a Brian’s knight against Tom’s pawns. Not enough pawns too close together so drawn.

Which left Howard, coming back from injury, against Chris. Howard was quite active with an aggressive queen, but down a pawn, and down on time. Howard offered the draw which would have given us a great result a drawn match with a side in the title race. Chris wanted the win and unfortunately for him made a catastrophic blunder and was mated. So a fantastic win for the D’s. (AD)

Division 3

26 Jan 2017

South Bristol DHorfield D
1bHassan, Mohammed0 - 1Perrin, Brent
2wBlaxill, Jason0 - 1Millbank, Howard K
3bDay, Roy K0 - 1Holmes, T
4wMobbs, Gerald H½ - ½Marks, P
5bEze, M½ - ½Abecasis, Lee A
6w1 - 0Default
2 - 4

Another (characteristic?) topsy turvy Div 3 evening. With 4 cars and 6 players we still contrived a default. Happily it wasn't long before Brent levelled the scores, but 'wild' doesn't do justice to the events on board 1 : Mohammed activated his queen at the first opportunity and chaos immediately ensued. Both players were moving very rapidly and when Brent's queen was skewered by a bishop against his king our thought was ' Goodnight Irene'. Not a bit of it. 15 minutes later the Black queen was back in the box and Brent tidied up.

Elsewhere we had what luck was going. Roy Day obligingly swapped off rooks, thereby going from a very drawish position to a simply lost king and pawn ending ; and just as I was bracing myself for an awkward 2 black rooks versus white queen ending Jason ran out of energy and blundered. (HKM)

Division 3

10 Jan 2017

CabotHorfield D
1bRossiter, Alex1 - 0Siuchno, Robert
2wDerrick, Neil D½ - ½Clarke, Alan
3bMarston, Alastair JD1 - 0Millbank, Howard K
4wMcGeeney, David B1 - 0Strickland, Graham
5bDrummond, Alastair½ - ½Jennings, Michael
6wCollis, Richard1 - 0Soyannwo, Sanya
5 - 1

No problems with Cabot's latest venue in North Street and a closer-fought match than the scoreline suggests. Robert arrived a bit late and left unusually early. Messrs Clarke and Jennings continued their rivalry to become D team Drawmeister. I was mostly outplayed, but with only seconds remaining set a successful elephant trap for a drawn king versus king and pawn ending - which I then mishandled. As the same opponent gifted me a piece in our game before Christmas you can add your own conclusion. (HKM)

Division 3

3 Jan 2017

Horfield DDownend D
1bSiuchno, Robert0 - 1Hennefeld, James
2wMillbank, Howard K0 - 1Adams, Neil
3bDunn, Alex0 - 1Pickup, Ian R
4wStrickland, Graham0 - 1Woodcock, David
5bAbecasis, Lee A0 - 1Stubbs, Oliver
6wSoyannwo, Sanya0 - 1Wilcox, Nigel
0 - 6

The building was locked when we arrived and a number of calls eventually lead to us getting a key and being allowed in. Things went downhill from there at the end Graham could have had a draw, far too little far too late. (AD)

Division 3

13 Dec 2016

Horfield DHanham A
1bPerrin, Brent½ - ½Beaver, Glen
2wGladstone, Michael0 - 1Davies, Barry R
3bDunn, Alex½ - ½Jones, David R
4wAbecasis, Lee A0 - 1Lawson, Phillip
5bJennings, Michael½ - ½Marshall, Kevin
6 w Soyannwo, Sanya 1 - 0 Costello, Mike
2½ - 3½

Horfield had some new faces in the team against Hanham as many players were unavailable. Mike was drafted in at the very last minute when Robert had to pull out and Sanja was making his debut for the club. Their fortunes could have not been more different. Sanja was the first to finish and did so with a win, but henceforth the match took a familiar path with Horfield suffering yet another narrow defeat. Mike Gladstone lost a piece as his queen was overworked and lost. Alex drew having staved off a strong queenside attack and activated his king. Lee lost. Brent drew and Mike Jennings held on tenaciously to fininh the match with a draw.

Many thanks to Mike G for playing and well done to Sanya for his victory. (AD)

Division 3

29 Nov 2016

Horfield DCabot A
1bSiuchno, Robert½ - ½Rossiter, Alex
2wClarke, Alan1 - 0Derrick, Neil D
3bMillbank, Howard K1 - 0Marston, Alastair JD
4wDunn, Alex½ - ½McNeeny, D
5 wAbecasis, Lee A1 - 0Drummond, Alastair
6wStrickland, Graham0 - 1Mascunano, J
4 - 2

After a couple of hours Horfield were 3 – 0 up and I was anticipating our second draw of the season. I offered my opponent a draw, strangely he declined. Howard had been gifted a piece in the opening, and though naturally worried that there was a trap held on to win.

Lee won comfortably, using the white pieces rather unusually given he was playing board 5 at home, and Alan had a strong kingside attack that produced the win. So we just needed half a point.

Robert had played a dodgy move early on and was under pressure. Eventually he equalised and after a lot of board examination Alex R agreed a draw, no doubt assuming the situation on the two remaining boards was hopeless. In my game the situation eventually became very unbalanced I had four connected passed pawns but material was level and David had a strong attack. With a little more prompting from me a draw was agreed.

This left Graham who was playing Cabot’s most successful player of the season with five wins out of five and a season grade of 157. Graham should have won in the last few minutes but in time pressure both players blundered but Graham's blunder was fatal. Jean Masunano must practice a lot! But a brilliant result. We must not rest on our laurels as we head to Yate next week. (AD)

Division 3

17 Oct 2016

Clevedon BHorfield D
1bSpiller, Paul1 - 0Perrin, Brent
2wStrong, Chris M1 - 0Clarke, Alan
3bChapman, Andrew½ - ½Siuchno, Robert
4wIles, Stuart P1 - 0Dunn, Alex
5bDaniel, Greg1 - 0Abecasis, Lee A
6wStrong, Peter0 - 1Strickland, Graham
4½ - 1½

We all got to Clevedon in good time. The league website still says ‘note new venue’ but when did it change? It is still at the cricket club up mazy winding hilly roads. Graham made his own way, Brent picked up and took Lee and I picked up Robert and Alan. Matches against Clevedon away are easier than those in Bath because of the location of our club and as there are no Bath teams, neither the city nor the university, in our division, we only have the trip to Yate as a real challenge left now.

Our previous match was against Clifton C. Both Clevedon B and Clifton C have been in higher divisions for most of my time as a player so we must not be discouraged by these defeats.

Graham won which was an excellent start but Lee, the exchange up, with a better position blundered horribly and his great run came to an end. We were royally outgraded on the top boards and only Robert salvaged anything. But we all (save Lee!) had good games and such a defeat was no disgrace. Had Lee won who knows!

We have a few weeks off now and the team will be playing their internal tournament at the club, the games of which are graded. Lee won the cup last season. (AD)

Division 3

4 Oct 2016

Horfield DSouth Bristol D
1bClarke, Alan½ - ½Blaxill, Jason
2wSiuchno, Robert½ - ½Hassan, Mohammed
3bMillbank, Howard K0 - 1Pugsley, Mike
4wAbecasis, Lee A1 - 0Day, Roy K
5bStrickland, Graham½ - ½Mobbs, Gerald H
6wJennings, Michael½ - ½Eze, Maria
3 - 3

A hard fought battle. The D’s first point of the season. A match where all three results were possible until the last game was agreed drawn.

The D’s had lost their first two matches 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 on each occasion, after being the first to win a game. This time there was a new approach apparently, to start with a loss, and Robert and Howard battled for the honour, Howard losing a pawn and then the exchange in the opening. Alan Clarke having agreed a draw to maintain his unbeaten start to the season, when Jason swapped off all the major pieces very early. After Howard's loss things begam to look up. Robert was down in material two knights and a pawn for a rook and under a bit of pressure. The rest was level. Mike agreed a draw, and then, using a more active queen and rook, winning a pawn and trading off the rook for the knights, with 23s left Robert’s opponent lost his last pawn and with too little time, and one pawn, Robert settled for the draw.

Lee and Graham to go both looked level but Lee had a more active position for his pieces and as the pressure mounted Roy blundered. All square. Graham valiantly looked for the win but it was never there in a totally blocked four rooks and 14 pawns ending. (AD)

Division 3

13 Sep 2016

Horfield DDownend E
1bClarke, Alan1 - 0Gammon, Geoffrey
2wSiuchno, Robert½ - ½Paines, John L
3bDunn, Alex0 - 1Daly, Grant
4wAbecasis, Lee A½ - ½Stubbs, Oliver
5bStrickland, Graham½ - ½Carter, Thomas
6wJennings, Michael0 - 1Tye, Jack
2½ - 3½

Alan on board 1 had a fairly quick win against Geoff and had the mispleasure of watching the rest of the team not win. I lost a bishop and eventually the game. Graham’s opponent agreed a draw to win the match when Graham was in danger of losing on time. The rest of the team drew.

Division 3 may be tougher than division 4 and we have South Bristol C next. However we were beaten as narrowly as could be and only one player of five getting a better result would have meant a draw and two a win. (AD)